Top Summer Car Accessories

Top Summer Car Accessories

Top Summer Car Accessories

If you are like most of the driving public you tend to shop for accessories for you car as much as you do for your house. Some of us go so far as to change out our interior look each season. Some only shop for what is practical and/or make driving a more enjoyable or more comfortable experience. Whichever type of driver you are, there are going to be a lot of options to choose from. We put together this guide to help you find the top summer car accessories this year. 


The-Best-Tech-Gadget-Car-AccessoryThe Best Tech Gadget Car Accessory

Some people think accessory and the image that comes to their mind is a gadget. For those tech-oriented drivers, the absolute coolest thing on the market is the Hudway Cast Heads Up Display. It is the neatest summer accessory ideal for the road tripper or the commuter looking for a short route through traffic. Otherwise known as HUD it turns smartphones into projected GPS units that display as a transparent screen above the steering wheel. Costing $189, it is self described as: “HUDWAY Cast is a portable heads-up display you can use in any vehicle. It sits on the dash and wirelessly mirrors smartphone screen in front of your eyes. This is how you can view directions and keep your eyes on the road at the same time. The best thing is that you can still control basic phone functions on the smartphone — say, quickly manage calls, switch tracks, or share location while seeing directions on the HUD. We designed our HUDWAY Cast app to make it possible!”


Road-Tripping-Car-Accessories-You-Need-To-Stay-ComfortableRoad Tripping Car Accessories You Need To Stay Comfortable

For the best way to stay comfortable on a long trip we have two recommendations for you. The first is the Wondergel Seat Cushion – which has become incredibly difficult to find. However for long trips you will be so thankful that you tracked one down and can stay comfortable even on the longest days. The other bit of creature comfort that will help you feel like you are in your favorite chair at home, even after hours and hours at the wheel or in a passenger seat, is a car neck pillow. These pillows are specifically designed and fitted for the seat of the car to provide you with support and help you keep your neck muscles relaxed. This purchase is definitely something that you will thank yourself for over and over again. 

Car Bibles actually has a list of the absolute best neck pillows for your vehicle. Ranked by best choice, premium pick, and best value, we at Moon Township Automotive have no reason not to take their expert advice – after all they have done that particular bit of research. We just know that you need a neck pillow, and if you haven’t bought one yet and you do soon then you will know why you need one!


The-Best-Accessory-To-Keep-Your-Cool-In-Your-CarThe Best Accessory To Keep Your Cool In Your Car

So the first of these actually keeps your contents cool, but it does a better job than most of the other options out there; we are talking about the Gray Kargo Cooler. This plug in cooler fits up to 42 cans, or 33 Quarts. Sold at such retailers as Target, at a price of right around $140. “Thermoelectric cooler keeps food and beverages cold without ice… Split-top design lets you easily reach what you need…Easy to charge in the car. The Kargo Cooler from Koolatron is perfect for road trips, picnics, tailgating and camping trips, keeping your food and beverages nice and cold without the hassle of ice. This 33-quart cooler holds up to 42 cans of your favorite beer or soda, and it has a split top so you can easily reach what you need. Made from durable plastic, it’s rugged enough to take anywhere.” It weighs 13 pounds and is 16.0 inches (H) x 16.0 inches (W) x 13.5 inches (D). Obviously there are other coolers on the market; we just happen to really like this one. 

Another must have for the summer, and they are growing in popularity as people become more and more conscious about the dangers of hot cars, are solar powered fans. We have previously written about what can happen when a car overheats to you and your family and your pets (read about it in our piece, “Keeping Cool In A Hot Car”). Here is what makes the stand out among them so great, as noted by TheSuperBoo:

Your car has become a dangerous place every time you park your car under the sun and lock it. This ventilator system reduce heat in parked car and keeps your car cooler by as much as 36 degree Fahrenheit. It is the Acool solar powered car ventilation fan created by Syntron.

Simply put two vents in your windows and install the fan to keep your car from becoming an oven. “One of them blows hot air out and the other takes cooler air in. It’s powered by solar panels which will be placed on your dashboard. Even with the cool outside temperature of 24 degree Celsius. The car’s inside temperature can raise 10 degree Celsius within 10 minutes. And pollutant volatile organic compound concentration can be six times higher. Also the high heat causes the interior to degrade with a shorter life.” (Source).

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